[BSidesSF CTF 2019] – Mobile Track

Introduction BSIDES CTF 2019 was hosted by Google and Facebook in San Francisco during the BSides Conference. Teams from all over the world could compete, but the prizes can only be claimed by teams who have their member(s) present physically in the BSIDES conference. The duration of the event was 32 hours. Although, the CTF ended… Read More [BSidesSF CTF 2019] – Mobile Track

BITSCTF 2017 Writeups

Hey there, tl;dr : These are few of the write-ups of the challenges of BITSCTF 2017. The team from which i was participating, “DCUA” Finished at 1st place . WEB 10: Here, we were given an website http://botbot.bitsctf.bits-quark.org/ . After going to infamous http://botbot.bitsctf.bits-quark.org/robots.txt we see that there is a directory ‘/fl4g’ . When we go that… Read More BITSCTF 2017 Writeups