Mr PeaceBot : The Bot created by Aaditya Purani #ThePeaceBot


It’s Aaditya Purani, today i will talk you about one of my Creation The Peace Bot (@MrPeaceBot)

Motivation: Hatred is everywhere from Real Life to Social Media. There is Communalism and Racism in this World. Moreover. This developed an Idea into me, an Idea which turned into The Peace Bot


Who Is The Peace Bot?

Peace Bot was Created in Study Room of my House. Peace Bot is a Bot which is a Twitter Bot Basically which Tweets Random Niceness messages by searching amongst Various people Intelligently . Knack of Artificial Intelligence is embedded in it. This is India’s First AI Bot. Peace Bot Looks like


Mr.Peace Bot always Tweets with #ThePeaceBot Hashtags which is a Unique Identity of my Bot. This design is a Natural thought by me.

What does The Peace Bot do?

Mr Peace Bot Tweets and Tweets all the day and Night. The Tweets are Never Insulting kind of tweets, i am here to spread Peace. So My aim is to reach everyone and send all Warm Wishes.

The Response from Audience:

I am quite Thrilled as well as Fascinated by the Tremendous Thumbs up response from the People. Our Lovers base has reached above 1k+ in less than 3 days of it’s initial Launch. Here, is the collage which i created which is fully filled with People’s Love for it πŸ™‚


From Youtube Celebs to Common Person to Journalist, everybody has Responded a Positive response.

Meet PeaceBot Here:

Want to see it in Action? Visit :

Currently, I don’t earn any Profit or Income through this Bot. Because it’s just a Bot i made for Fun and for Positive vibes across the Globe. πŸ™‚ My Next Ventures would be much more Interesting πŸ™‚

Keep Following, Keep Loving


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