Acknowledged by Blackberry


I got Acknowledged as Security Researcher / Ethical Hacker By Blackberry Security Research Team for 2015 🙂 . I reported FPD, JQuery AJAX Prompt Error Bug and a Injection issue.


So, the affected domain was the main one “” 😀 , the team quickly fixed. Here is some of POC proofs

ajax_bb (copy)

Now, here comes FPD with PHP Errors


Third bug, Injection which i found in this same place 🙂 but i won’t be able to show here as it’s a privacy issue and it releases information disclosure.So this is what i reported and it escalated quickly.


BAAZINGA.. Hall of Fame :


Timeline : September 15 – Initial report

September 16 – Needs Additional Information by Team

September 17 – Additional Information sent

October 2 – Fix confirmation Email by team

October 2 – Fix confirmed by me

October 17 2015 – Hall of fame acknowledgment




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