Acknowledged by Transloadit

Hello friends,

I am Aaditya Purani, and today i got Acknowledged by Transloadit by reporting them security flaws/bugs in time .So here is some details about the company

“Transloadit was company founded in 2009 by Tim and kevin in Berlin.Till time they’ve released a ton of open source software and are dept-free, profitable, and still privately owned. Their datacentres are spread across europe and US”

So i got a Reflected XSS bug on and i reported straightway to them. So their CTO Kevin replied me that they have fixed it and now they decided to take that sub-domain offline as they didn’t used it much. But as part of acknowledgment they have credited my name into their prestigious Hall of fame.

Hall of fame link :



So that was all about the acknowledgment. Thanks to Transloadit team.


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