[HITCON CTF 2018] – EV3 Series

I got few hours on Sunday 21st to play HITCON CTF 2018. I enjoyed the challenges I attempted. Presenting write-up for EV3 Series. EV3-Basic: No time for write-up, read my code and have fun! import json import operator ”’ Have to read documentation and see how opUI_DRAW worked 840501xxxxyyyyff opcode text black xcord ycord char… Read More [HITCON CTF 2018] – EV3 Series

BITSCTF 2017 Writeups

Hey there, tl;dr : These are few of the write-ups of the challenges of BITSCTF 2017. The team from which i was participating, “DCUA” Finished at 1st place . WEB 10: Here, we were given an website¬†http://botbot.bitsctf.bits-quark.org/ . After going to infamous¬†http://botbot.bitsctf.bits-quark.org/robots.txt we see that there is a directory ‘/fl4g’ . When we go that… Read More BITSCTF 2017 Writeups