Shell Scripting Tutorial – 3

Hello. I am Aaditya Purani. I would be presenting tutorial 3 on Shell Scripting Tutorial It’s common in Linux to pipe a series of simple, single purpose commands together to create a larger solution tailored to our exact needs. The ability to do this is one of the real strenghs of Linux. It turns out… Read More Shell Scripting Tutorial – 3

Shell Uploading Via LFI

Hello, I have written a Paper About LFI Shell Upload which has been publically recognized on Milw00rm. Link : #Topic: LFI TUT SHELL UPLOAD #Author: Aaditya Purani #Qualification: IT enginner, CEH, Security Researcher #Contact: Hello friends, Welcome back. I am Aaditya Purani and in my today’s lecture i will show you how to… Read More Shell Uploading Via LFI

Linux Optic Web Design and development- Login Bypass

Hello, I am posting my exploit Linux Optic Web Design and development- Login Bypass which has got CVS (Critical Vulnerability Scaling) of 8.1 out of 10. # Exploit Title: Direct login to admin panel without entering password # Google Dork: Design by 2009 # Date: 2015-07-10 # Exploit Author: Aaditya Purani #… Read More Linux Optic Web Design and development- Login Bypass