Acknowledged by Fluxiom

Hello, I got Acknowledged by Fluxiom for reporting them Critical security vulnerability which lead to a account takeover. I got appreciated by their security engineer and a place in their security hall of fame was given. “Fluxiom offers seamless online file management in the cloud. Keep your files private, share them with a select audience… Read More Acknowledged by Fluxiom

Acknowledged by OWASP (2nd Time Hall of Fame)

Hello, I am Aaditya Purani, and i got recognized by World’s biggest Web application security program “OWASP” 2nd time. They included my name as security researcher in their Hall of fame once again 😉 The Bug was Remote Code Execution(RCE). Most of these vulnerabilities allow the execution of machine code and most exploits therefore inject and execute… Read More Acknowledged by OWASP (2nd Time Hall of Fame)