VCard Vulnerability – Whatsapp


Dangerous Flaw in WhatsApp for Web Version. Hackers can easily hack your device and inject malware. Around 900 million People active users out of which 200 million users are at Risk. The Vulnerability were discovered by security Researcher Kasif Sekel at Checkpoint which allows attackers to tale benefit of v Card contact card format to malware’s to non-tech (unsuspected) users.
Hackers would just send them a small, apparently innocent contacts file — which, when opened, would allow hackers to run malicious code and leave them open to being hit by code that could take control of their computer, viewing what they are doing or spread viruses.
How it Works?
Things you need:
1) Victim’s phone number which are associated with web whatsapp account
Now, you need to do the following steps for a successful attack
  • An Malicious v Card (Contact Number) is send to the victim. The v Card riddled with a malicious code.
  • The victim who launches that executable file will be infected with that malware.
  • The contents of malware contains Ransom ware, bot-nets, RAT (Remote access Tools) and other malicious code.

The threat after getting trapped?

Frankly speaking, there can be numerous thing which an attacker can do by installing a malware on your system. So possibilities are

  • Spying on User Activitiy’s
  • Can perform Ddos attack from your PC
  • Making your computer into Zombie for External Attacks
  • Complete Access and takeover on Victim’s
  • Syncing your contacts, keeps track of your activity


The basic rule of sustaining in Cyber World is to move with it. So users need to Update their Whatsapp Version 🙂



One thought on “VCard Vulnerability – Whatsapp

  1. I want this vcard whatsapp code as i want to havk my gfs cell phone can i get it?
    M reasy to pay. Price for it too
    If u r reasy thn plz contact me i want vcard whatsapp virus


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